Ok, I admit I have been surprisingly absent recently. I wish I could say I had a good excuse – something noteworthy like helping to rescue oil laden turtles and seagulls from the Gulf, but alas, I have been a class A slacker.

This is probably because the hubby and I got a Wii and then got streaming Netflix so we have been sucked into mind numbing television and movies for the past week. In fact, he Already announced to me that he is not sleeping tonight because he needs to watch all of The Tumors by July 1.

I did get a few more diapers: 2 Kiwi Pies, and one GoodMama One (so Chunky Monkey can have a heinie that looks like a cow) and one GoodMamma fitted. Everything arrived quickly so now I just need to get the bamboo absorbency up.

Will add more later once I really resurface from all these Netflix.


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The Diaper Changer

When I switched Chunky Monkey to cloth, the husband declared this would last 2 weeks. Being the baby laundry do-er and therefore the one who watched Chunky Monkey cycle through six costume changes a day, I have perservered (sp?). I still love them. However, I don’t love my hubby’s staunch refusal to change diapers since I switched. His response: “THOSE diapers are stupid”. Most recently, “this is the 21st century, I should be able to throw away dirty diapers”. Since the switch the hubby has maybe changed 10 diapers, all of them disposables. He threatened to throw out a particularly poopy breastfed diaper. Yesterday he gave his newest announcement – the cloth diapers should go as soon as Chunky Monkey has solid food and therefore has solid poops.

I, however, have not found them inconvenient. My diaper bag does not smell. I don’t run out of diapers. I do not (or rarely) have blowouts. And they are so cute. I have discovered that all I have to do is open the diaper bag and put it in the washer still full of diapers and everything still will get clean. Since my primary motivation for cloth diapering is not economic or environmental for that matter, I now dry everything at least once a week in the dryer and don’t worry about having my diapers around for years to come.

Cloth diapers are not the choice for everyone but they are much easier than people give them credit for.

– There is no greater love than this…

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Subversive Tactics

A pregnancy center called me today. They wanted me to see a person who had taken Mifeprex (the abortion drug) 4 days ago but changed her mind right after taking it. The lady found someone who could drive her the hour down to my office so she could be seen.

When she got to me she was a little late, but there and safe. She walked in; she was a beautiful woman and did not appear to be a brainless dingbat. She then proceeded to tell me her story:

On Thursday she went to Planned Parenthood. Obviously, she was not thrilled to be pregnant. The longer she was there, though, the more interested she became in her baby. She started asking questions. She asked to see her ultrasound, which they reluctantly allowed her to see. They told her she was 7 weeks pregnant. (Mind you, they failed to mention that 7 weeks gestation is the absolute end of when Mifeprix should be used for abortion). She kept asking questions about her options. They told her “someone” would talk to her. That “someone” came in with the Mifeprex for her termination. When this woman began to waffle on her decision to abort, the Planned Parenthood Nurse practitioner told this woman that she would just make things worse if she had her baby. This patient really felt pressured by the staff to take the Mifeprex. In her words, “I regretted it the moment I walked out the door. I just sat down and cried. And they [Planned Parenthood] wouldn’t tell me what to do”. She was very upset that they would push someone to kill their baby if the woman showed any indecision at all about her decision to abort.

I scanned her. She was having some contractions, but still appeared to have a growing pregnancy – now measuring about 8 weeks in size. This patient was so happy her baby was still alive. This one scan was worth the several thousand dollars I have spent on this ultrasound machine.

Yes, there is a risk her baby might have problems now. She may still even lose her baby from the Mifeprex. However, a study showed that of 82 pregnancies that were exposed to mifiprestone, only 1 of them had problems. That problem was a cleft palate which may have not had anything to do with the Mifeprex.

Where is the informed consent? I make it a rule to discuss risks, benefits, and alternatives of every procedure with my patients. Is having a baby not an alternative to abortion? What about adoption? This patient was/is interested in alternatives!

My issue is this: Planned Parenthood is not there to offer anyone a “choice”. The moment anyone seems to consider a choice that is not abortion, they try to pressure that woman back in to terminating her baby. This does a disservice to all women, exploits a woman at an extremely vulnerable time, and results in the destruction of a life unable to protect itself.

– There is no greater love than this…

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Ramblings of a sleep deprived mommy

First, can I say that I am getting old.  I had a patient brought in for induction because her baby had chosen to move into her uterus until after he had graduated from college.  She came in 2 nights ago.  I finally got her in to labor yesterday evening.  She was cruising along, and I was content.  I got a call from labor and delivery – I innocently thought it was about that patient – when they informed me that another of my patients was there with a terrible tracing and her cervix was a measly one centimeter.  This, of course, meant  I needed to go in for a cesarean section.  I leave the hubby, tell him to leave Chunky Monkey alone so he wouldn’t wake up, and warn him that I am going to be on the unit for a while.  I go in and see Patient 2, talk to her about her cesarean, and check Patient 1 who is now about 9.5 cm.  It is about 10.45 pm at this point, so I think “great – I could be home by one and get some sleep before my robot surgery in the morning!”  I deliver patient 2 – whose baby was coated in a brilliant green thick meconium but bounced nicely after some time with the neonatologist, and then went back to check on patient 1.  She is now complete.  Everyone from the OR goes home (except me).  She pushes.   Her baby scoffs at me (I can actually hear it from the uterus) “You don’t think I am coming out of there do you?  hahahaha…..”  Well, really, this baby starts to have a terrible strip, made worse with every contraction, the head was still very high, so next thing I know, I am calling everyone back.  I left the hospital at 130 am.  Home at 2.  Called at 3.45 with a very sweet and apologetic nurse asking for pain meds for my ladies.  Wake up (or try) at 5.30 so I can get things ready for the kids before I leave for work.  Fail to succeed.  Up again at 6.15 and finally get ready to leave. 

Now mind you, I am not complaining about my job – I chose this and I actually do like it.  But my body just can’t handle these hours – or maybe its the combo of the 5 month old and the hours my body doesn’t like.  Whatever – suffices to say that I had to come home and pass out for 3 hours this afternoon to become functional.

Other useless ramblings – I love Kiwi Pie bamboo diapers.  Awesome new find.   So far they are my faves in the collection.  Soft, very stretchy.  Want to know why I can’t have them for when OR cases go just too long.  Just kidding.  However, they are certainly now my favorite fitted diaper.

Must go steal the Starbucks Via from husband.  Good night.

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Scary things

I find one of the scariest things about being a parent is realizing how like your parents you really are. You watch your parents, see what drives you crazy, and then realize you do those exact things with your kids. I believe I still have to love and respect my parents, but that, certainly, is not always easy. It always seems that the first day or two are ok and then the boat starts to sink.

My mom always wants me to move back home. I reminded her that my initial move to this coast was her idea. She finally admits that she has changed her mind. I am certain this is because I have her grandchildren and she can’t easily see them or get updates. My theory: Internet + credit card = plane ticket.

I am very blessed to have wonderful parents that love me. I pray that God gives me the grace to remember that even when it feels like we (I ?) have regressed to our high school roles. I need to learn to glean their wisdom and listen to their opinions even when they are misguided.

– There is no greater love than this…

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How Things Change

I was just lying here in bed thinking about how God has a sense of humor. I say this because my husband is out of town taking care of some important things for his father.

This brings me to strange thing number one. I have a husband. How many times did I say that I would NEVER get married? That was a pretty continuous mantra of mine from college through medical school and most of residency. Especially since some of the guys I dated *cough Todd* were doozies.

Then I had curly haired girl (strange thing #2). That was enough to drive my own mother to drink. Seriously – she had five back to back glasses of champagne. This is because every time I said I wouldn’t ever get married, I would declare at least 5 extra times that I would not have children. When I met my now husband, I began to entertain the thought of kids. However, I never thought I was ok with three or four children. But here I am, lying next to Chunky Monkey, wondering how safe it would be to have another one.

And then I certainly thought that I would never nurse a baby for long. I thought that if I breastfed at all, it would be for the purely selfish transfer of the fat cell off of my butt over to the baby and I would do it for two or three months. Don’t get me wrong, I still love that nursing is God’s liposuction. However, that bond between mother and baby is just sooooo indescribable. Curly haired girl was weaned at 22 or 23 months and I expect to do the same with Chunky Monkey. He looks so happy and smiley when he nurses now – I couldn’t dream of kicking him off the breast.

Then I would see those people schlepping their babies around in slings – what was that all about? Freaks. Now I have 4 or 5 slings and never leave hone without one. I wonder why anyone would choose to deal with the stupid (and heavy) car seat when you could wear your baby around.

And now I have cloth diapers for Chunky Monkey. To what depths have I sunk? But I love them! Now I did start this because his poops were of such magnitude and velocity that he bubbled out of every diaper and had to have a costume change. The day he had seven costume changes, and I had to wash his swing, and his car seat, I had to have a new plan. The cloth diaper plan has been fantastic. I don’t touch poop, the diapers don’t leak; some of them are so cute, he likes them – why didn’t I know about this 4 years ago with my first?

Then I say to myself: Self, what exactly are you thinking? You are hardly the bastion of domesticity, but you have thrown yourself into married life and motherhood? Breastfeeding for years, let alone months? Cloth diapers?

And that is how I really know God has a sense of humor. Not only am I doing all of these things I was adamantly opposed to, or were concepts so foriegn as to be unfathomable, but also I am much happier for it.

– There is no greater love than this…

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Dodging the Ball

Sometimes I take call for unassigned patients at my hospital.  I don’t always like it.  It is, however, a service I currently voluntarily provide.  However, I realize that when I take call, I am going to do a certain amount of things on people for which I am unlikely to be compensated.  That, however, is part of taking call.  Anyway, a patient came in that another service refuses to take care of.  She is sick.  She got 3 units of blood.  I did my thing – but there is only so much I can do because her issues are not gynecologic, and thus, beyond my fixing.  It is my humble opinion that the other service is not taking care of her because she does not have insurance. 

I can’t well speak to the health care debate because I don’t believe that big government does anything well, and that anyone who has real experience with Medicare or Medicaid realizes this, but something has to give.  People need to be taken care of and trying to wiggle out of care for patients simply does them a disservice and is probably more expensive in the long run.

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Sickie Baby

I got new diapers in the mail (yaay!) yesterday.  1 Goodmama fitted, 1 Goodmama The One, 2 Fuzzibums, and one Kissaluv fitted.  The Goodmamas, albeit a bit bulky, are so soft and fluffy that they almost make me want to be back in diapers.  Actually, I like all of them.  The prints are beautiful.  Chunky Monkey seemed to be very happy with them.  And I must say, I think I am in the club that likes snaps more than Velcro.  I wish I had discovered this cloth thing with Curly Haired Girl, because she was one of those girls who learned how to strip off her diaper and go wandering around when she was little.  I digress.

Back to the topic at hand:  This plethora of new diapers  is good because I just have to give up on my CuteyBaby diapers.  They are cute, but the Aplix removable tabs just seem to be another thing to lose, and I can’t consistently seem to get them to fit.  Chunky Monkey has some thunder thighs, let me tell you (imagine:  18 pounds at 4.5 months), and frequently I get actual gaps in the legs.  If I get them on and solve the gap issue, I find I then get leaking up the back because he wiggles around so much that he ends up with plumber butt and he leaks out there.  So I am retiring those.

I did not anticipate having to use all these diapers so quickly though.  Chunky Monkey appears to have a bit of a stomach bug, so I literally went through 20 diapers today when I usually go through 10-12.   Poor little boy.  It was hard to see patients in the office today because he seemed to be always nursing or pooping.  😦  He was in pretty good spirits though, despite having such GI issues.  Goodmamas were good, but didn’t hold that much urine, however, they were only washed once before placed into circulation and I can’t expect the bamboo to hold much.  Fuzzibums were awesome, trim, and fit nicely.  Kissaluv also gave a great fit and was significantly less bulky than the Goodmamas.

More later, and wish me a good weekend.  I anticipate I should be at the hospital some.  I feel I have some orbiting very pregnant mamas who appear to have been term forever and are still pregnant.  I am sure they are ready to go into labor, and I am ready to see these babies!

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Some people are manipulative. And since patients are people, some of them are manipulative. My favorite are those who are atrocious to everyone in the office, and sweet as pie to me. I know a certain amount of respect is awarded me because of the white coat, but the other people in the office still have dignity. I’m not sure how to fix this aspect of our culture – the idea that the little man is beneath notice.
– There is no greater love than this…

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Bottom addiction

The husband says I am obsessed with cloth diapers. They really can become an addiction. Right now I am excited to see 4 new diapers surface tomorrow. I should be getting 2 all in ones and two fitteds. Chunky Monkey doesn’t really care as long as he is dry. Curly Haired Girl is still very egocentric at 4 and only cares that she gets a present too. (she is a very good big sister, in her defense).

I am exhausted and must sleep.

– There is no greater love than this…

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